April 26, 2018

2018 LovEvolution Gathering (May 25-27) – Pioneering the New Paradigm

2018 LovEvolution Gathering (May 25-27) at Sacred Mountain Waters – Farm and Event Sanctuary.

Join us as we pioneer the new paradigm in opening the gates to “Sacred Mountain Waters – Farm and Event Sanctuary” – the new home and training camp of the LovEvolution.

After four years of gathering, growing and building community together, we move beyond a once a year festival and step into co-creating the world of love we know in our hearts is possible.

Nestled between two pristine rivers with miles of wild waterfalls and meadows and cradled in the Blue Ridge mountains 45 minutes north of Asheville, NC – Sacred Mountain Waters is a natural paradise where we hike, swim, soak, garden, sun, dance and make music, sing, laugh and love year round.

For a sneak preview of Sacred Mountain Waters, see photos at https://www.facebook.com/pg/CampLovEvolution/photos/?tab=album&album_id=429704400721325

Event Details

During our annual three day LovEvolution Gathering we celebrate a life of love and connection by sharing heart and mind opening workshops and events – including Ecstatic Dance, Song and Fire Circle, Drumming, Musical Performances, Ceremony, Celebrations, Compassionate Communication, Sacred Relationship, Qi Gong, Sound Healing, Yoga, Shamanic Breath Work and more.

Note – This is a drug and alcohol free event. After all, the true present is to be truly present.

This year we will focus on grounded co-creation and invite all participants to come in the spirit of volunteerism to help plant the gardens, groom the trails, cook the food and build the dream of this community space that will serve generations to come.

In the spirit of our 2016 Gathering – “Giving Our Gifts Freely” – this event will be volunteer and donation based. It will also be private (limited to 150 reservations) to maintain the intimacy of the Gathering and the focus upon truly “Pioneering the New Paradigm”. We ask that all participants volunteer 8 hours of service (seva) before, during or after the Gathering.

Donation based tickets will include include healthy communal meals twice a day and access to all events and workshops.

Suggested donation is $100 per person or $60 to cover your meals. Free for those under age 13. Donations over $100 will help us continue to build, grow and share Sacred Mountain Waters and the LovEvolution.

Ticket – To make a reservation and donation – on a first come first served basis – Visit EventBrite.

Please Car Pool. Parking is limited. So to encourage car pooling.
A vehicle with one driver will pay $30, with second passenger $20, three people in car $10 and four or more free.

Visit Camp LovEvolution at Kinnection CampOut

To accommodate our larger LovEvolution community and make new friends, we will be hosting a “Camp LovEvolution” at this year’s Kinnection CampOut the weekend prior to the Gathering (May 17th – May 20th). This is an amazing conscious festival with outstanding music and events. To learn more and purchase a ticket visit www.kinnectioncampout.org

What should you bring?

Food, non alcoholic beverages and snacks to share with others throughout the day and night.

Bring your own tent or hamock, bedding, pillows, yoga mats, towels, flashlight, toiletries and natural bio degradable soaps.

Also bring instruments to play at the dance and drumming circle, a costume for Friday night.

Safety – To truly open up to each other and share intimately – trust and safety are essential. We ask that all participants share in the responsibility of creating a safe container for all by respecting the boundaries and wishes of others and holding this expectation for others. Anyone not respecting this safe container will be asked to amend their behavior or leave the event.

Pet Policy – Dogs are allowed on property but must be on a leashed. Only certified “service dogs” are allowed in the buildings.

To view the schedule from last year’s Gathering visit – http://www.thelovevolutionsolution.org/2017-schedule

View photo highlights from the 2016 LovEvolution Gathering – “Giving our Gifts Freely” at

To view photo highlights of our first Gathering in 2014 visit http://www.thelovevolutionsolution.org/the-lovevolutions-magic-love-bus-gathering

There is a peaceful revolution spreading around the world that is rippling out from the hearts of millions to create a sea of change. It’s a revolution of evolution through love. It’s the LovEvolution.

To stay in touch with other LovEvolutionaries and get updates by joining our Heart Tribe FB group at https://www.facebook.com/groups/LovEvolutionSolution

To view and join the new page for Sacred Mountain Waters visit https://www.facebook.com/SacredMountainWaters

Directions and Parking – Sacred Mountain Waters is 45 minutes north of downtown Asheville in a valley in the Walnut Mountains north of the town of Marshall. For a beautiful scenic drive take the river road north of Asheville to the quant town of Marshall. Then drive Walnut Creek Road up and over the mountain and down into the valley.

When you come to the Big Laurel Baptist church take a left and drive five minutes until you pass Spillcorn Road. Then take your next left into our driveway before the bridge. Jesus will be at the gate to welcome you.

Note – phone GPS do not work in the mountains due to poor reception.


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