July 17, 2024

FAQ – For the 2016 LovEvolution Gathering

When does the entrance open? The entrance opens at noon on Friday. Please do not arrive before noon unless you are helping with set up.

When does the event end? Monday at noon is check out time. Be sure to bring the LovEvolution with you out into the “default” world 🙂 Those staying beyond noon are invited to help pack and clean up “Camp LovEvolution”. We’d really appreciate your help.

What are the box office/check in hours? The check in gate is open from noon to 8pm on Friday and from 9am to 5pm on Saturday. There we ask that you register, pick up a schedule/program and leave your burdens in the “burden basket” to be burned in the sacred fire. Please arrive during open gate hours and make your donation in advance online at Event Brite.

Can I come for just part of the Gathering? Yes you can. But we encourage everyone to come for the whole three day event so that we can create a true container for this Gathering.

Who do I contact regarding for additional questions? Call Patrick (Kernel Love Joy) at 612 385-3563 or email MagicLoveBus@gmail . .

Is this event all ages? Yes, kids of all ages are welcome and we will be offering a kid’s village. However, minors (under 16) must be accompanied by an adult.

Pet Policy – Dogs are allowed on property but must be on a leash at all times, as required by the property owners. Only certified “service dogs” are allowed in the buildings.

Volunteering – Since this entire event is one big volunteer gift, we ask that all who come, including donors, volunteer a few hours to help decorate, cook, clean, greet guests, park vehicles and clean up the camp. We are trusting that the spirit of giving will enable us to continue doing this event. Check in at the front gate or with our volunteer coordinator to get an assignment.

Will there be showers and bathrooms? Yes, showers and bathrooms will be available for those staying in the cabins and tents. Please bring your own towels and toiletries.

Where should I park? There is a designated parking area in the main field. When you arrive and check in you’ll be guided as to where to park.

Will there be car camping? No. However, cars will be able to park relatively close to the tent camping area.

Camping? Due to liability/danger from falling limbs from the dead Hemlock trees, the owners of the camp will not allow camping in the woods over night in tents or hammocks. Please tent camp in the camping field only. If you brought a hammock we’d be happy to offer you a free bunk bed in one of the bunk houses.

Can I bring my RV or Bus? RV’s and Buses are allowed to park in the general parking area. However, the owners of Camp Hope – the City of Canton – ask that RV owners sleep in either a bunk house or in the tent camping area.

Does it cost extra to park an RV or Bus? No.

Are there hookups / electricity for RV’s? No. There will not be hookups or electricity for RV’s.

Where is the event located? Camp Hope (Camp LovEvolution) in the Pisgah National Forest is less than one hour from Asheville, North Carolina just off the Blue Ridge Parkway. Address: 312 Camp Hope Road in Canton, NC. We recommend taking the Blue Ridge Parkway for the most scenic drive to the camp. The facility is well equipped with a large lodge, kitchen, covered pavilion/band stage and eight bunk house cabins.

What should I bring? Bring your own bedding, pillows, yoga mats and towels for the bunk beds or a tent if camping outside. This year we are not catering food. So bring food to feed yourself and share potluck style during communal meals in the dining hall.  Refrigeration and free ice will be available in the main kitchen.

Also bring instruments to play at the dance and drumming circle, a costume for Friday night, a sacred item for the heart altar and a heartfelt gift offering for the Sunday gift sharing circle.

Is alcohol or drugs permitted? No. This is a drug and alcohol free event. We encourage you to be clear and fully present.

Will there be vendors and can I vend? In the spirit of gifting and non commodification, there will be no official vending, including food at event.  However, attendees are welcome to barter, gift or sell among each other.

Will there be an ATM (cash machine) on site? No. There will be no ATM on site.

Do I need to bring water? No, we will have free drinkable water available. However, do BRING YOUR OWN REUSABLE WATER VESSELS!

Will ice be available? Yes and free.

Can I bring my renegade sound system into the camping area? No. But drums and acoustic instruments are welcome to play up until 11pm.

Is there cell phone coverage at the venue? Limited. The best reception is Verizon.

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