June 23, 2024

The LovEvolution and the Magic Love Bus roll on.

The “LovEvolution” that the Magic Love Bus promoted from coast to coast in 2012 continues to grow in the hearts and minds of millions around the world. The LovEvolution, which is conscious evolution through love, has existed for centuries and is gaining momentum. The below video features highlights from the “2012 Magic Love Bus Journey”, […]

The Magic Love Bus and LovEvolution Crew Complete their coast to coast Journey of the Heart.

Wow, after two months of non stop serendipity, amazing encounters and constant challenges – the Magic Love Bus and its crew finally land in Asheville. To celebrate this amazing journey we are having a free celebration and ceremony in downtown Asheville at Pack Square on Sunday, July 1st from 3pm to 10pm. There will be […]

Cast off Ceremony for the 2012 Magic Love Bus Journey

The Magic Love Bus and crew are casting off from San Francisco on a three month cross country journey to spread love and light. Come join us on the bus and on the beach for a fire drum circle, dancing and ceremony. Bring healthy organic food, musical instruments and your best magical intentions. Date: Saturday, […]

LovEvolution – A Poem

One night Bonnie Levinson, a long time member of the Magic Love Bus tribe, awoke with a powerful download of inspiration. The spirit of the LovEvolution poured through her in words that she crafted into the below poem. Her inspired poem resonated powerfully with the crew of the Magic Love Bus and we invited her […]

Blast Off Party for the 2012 Magic Love Bus Journey and the LovEvoluton!

After months of preparation, the Magic Love Bus has been transformed into a rolling sound and light show. The bus is now a vehicle for heart based transformation and a platform for free expression. To raise energy and support for the 2012 Magic Love Bus Journey and the LovEvolution we hosted a “Blast Off Party” […]