June 23, 2024

What is the LovEvolution?





There is a quiet revolution spreading around the world that is rippling out from the hearts of millions to create a sea of change. It’s a revolution of evolution through love. It’s the LovEvolution. Can you feel it?

It’s powered by the most renewable, transformational and powerful force on Mother Earth – LOVE. It will prevail because love, in all its many expressions, is irresistible. Deep down, below all the distractions and fake substitutes, it’s what we all crave.

No amount of money can buy such a powerful transformative force. It can’t be bought because it’s a gift that we give ourselves.

Life over flows with abundance when we feed each others hearts with love and kindness. If each of us give a little more than we take there is abundance.

Imagine your heart joined with millions and even billions of human hearts that share the same vision of love, peace and joy. That’s the LovEvolution!

Millions of human beings worldwide are waking up to the conscious realization that we create our own reality, individually and collectively. We are not born into a static “default” world. Rather the world is born from us.

Our current society is the sum total of all our dreams, nightmares and choices. What kind of world do you want to co-create? Do you want to live in a world of competition or cooperation? Do you want a world that is an expression of our fear or our love?

The Lovevolution is a global movement committed to awakening the creative dreamer and lover within all of us. We are all agents in the creative unfolding of the Universe. We are all connected at our deepest level. Together we can heal ourselves, each other and the world.

Are You a LovEvolutionary?

Transcending our differences and connecting at a heart level is revolutionary. Doing it with love is lovEvolutionary.

If you are committed to being an agent of peaceful non-violent evolutionary change please join us in co-creating a just, sustainable and peaceful world.

Every time your thoughts, feelings and actions come from a place of love and compassion you are being a lovEvolutionary. While some may choose fear, control and violence, lovEvolutionaries choose love, freedom and peace.

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Blessings to this miraculous world and all its creatures.


Join the great LovEvolutionary John Lennon in imagining a world living as one.