July 17, 2024

Special Discount for the LovEvolution Gathering

Image - Your vibe attracts your tribeLovEvolution Gathering – A ReUnion of the Heart Tribe

Will you and your friends be gathering at “Camp LovEvolution – a Training Camp for LovEvolutionaries”  in the mountains near Asheville  for our intimate and sacred three day weekend (Sept 4-7)?

Save yourself and your friends an extra 10% off of the already low ticket price and pay as little as $87 – with over 35 events/workshops, ceremonies and organic meals included.

To get the special 10% off code and help share this amazing event with your friends, see below:

1) Use the code “tribe” to get an additional 10% discount on the already low ticket price. To get a discounted ticket and learn about the LovEvolution Gathering visit our website.

2) Visit the FaceBook event for the LovEvolution Gathering and RSVP, if you have not done so already. Then click on the “Invite” button and choose the friends you want to add to the invite list.

You can also share the Facebook event for the Gathering by clicking on the “Invite” button and choosing to share it on your own Facebook timeline or a friend’s timeline. Also share the event on any pages you manage or groups you participate in. Even better share the event in private messages to friends you feel would resonate with this event. Mention the “tribe” code to save them 10%.

3) Please also visit our Facebook community for the LovEvolution and “like” us to get updates and invite your friends to like the LovEvolution. Please share news of the Gathering by sharing any of our posts on your wall. Just click on a post about the Gathering that resonates with you,  copy the text above the photo and click “Share”. Then copy the text, which should have a link to the details about the Gathering, into the “Say something about this” text box. Then click on the tag button to tag those friends who you feel should know about the Gathering. Many thanks.

3) Major good karma if you choose to make the beautiful promo image for the Gathering your FaceBook “cover photo”. To do this visit the LovEvolution Facebook page community and click on the cover image (the colorful image of the tribe gathering around the heart). The image should then open up in a new window. Click on the image, while holding the appropriate keys for either a Mac or PC,  and save the image to your computer. Then copy all the text description to the right of the image so that you can paste this text into the description of this cover photo when you add it to your page.

Then visit your profile page and mouse over your current Facebook cover photo at the top of your page until the “Update Cover” option displays. Then simply select and upload the image of the Gathering. Then paste the text into the description for the cover image. You can also tag the image with your friends so this image and event description will show up on their wall.

Thank you for helping us invite those who will really benefit and contribute to a Gathering centered on connection, heart opening and sharing our gifts.

We look forward to seeing your smiling face at “Camp LovEvolution”.

Learn about the 2015 LovEvolution Gathering and get tickets.