July 17, 2024

Volunteering for the 2015 LovEvolution Gathering

Thank you for your interest in volunteering your talents to co-create a beautiful, sacred and non commercial 2015 LovEvolution Gathering (September 4-7). The entire Gathering is a gift we create for each other based entirely on volunteers. All ticket revenue after our basic expenses will be donated to the Bounty and Soul foodbank.

We invite all who participate in the Gathering to volunteer to help decorate, clean, cook, serve and preserve a safe and sacred space.

For those who would like to qualify for free admission, which includes meals, we ask that volunteers contribute ten hours or more of service  before, during or after the event.

Please view the volunteer positions (see below) to find what best matches your skills and interests. Then contact our Wizard of Manifestation, Shakti Elaine, at shaktielaine01@gmail.com or call (828) 407-3345.

If you are interested in serving in the kitchen email our biodynamic chef  – Christopher (Major WyldHeart) directly at thegoldenroad1@gmail.com.

Please answer the following questions in your email:

Why are you interested in participating in the LovEvolution Gathering?

What volunteer positions interest you most and during what times? You may want to check the event/workshop schedule first.

What skills and talents would you like to contribute to the Gathering?

Provide us with your email, phone number and give us an idea of where you are located. If you are in the Asheville area you may attend our weekly planning meetings.

We ask that all volunteers help promote the event. Please visit our Promoting the 2015 LovEvolution Gathering page and do what you can to share the news of the Gathering with your friends and community.

We look forward to you joining us for the Gathering.

Volunteer Roles, Currently Available:

Greeters/Hosts – Greet people with love and help them get their wristbands/passes, sign releases, keep account of all monies, give them program/intro and get them orientated.

Cleaning/Housekeeping – If you believe that “cleanliness is next to Godliness” this could be the role for you. We need help tiding up the camp, keeping Camp LovEvolution clean and trash free during the event and cleaning it up at the end on Monday (Labor of Love Day).

Decorating fairies – Like last year, we intend to beautifully transform “Camp Hope” into “Camp LovEvolution – a Training Camp for LovEvolutionaries”. Great role for those with artistic talent for creating altars and beauty inside and out.

Housing and Camping – Help people get settled into either the communal cabins or the campsites. Make sure cabin and camping areas stay clean.

Healing Angel (First Aid) – Be available to help with any medical or mental emergencies during the Gathering. Person must be a certified first responder and or nurse/doctor.

Children’s Activities (Kid’s Village) – Help create and decorate Kid’s Village and activities to keep children safe and occupied.

Safety Angels – Diplomatically assure that people honor the boundaries of the sacred container and of each other. Safety is essential to enable people to open their hearts. Check participants for wristbands/passes and assure that all who are at the event are contributing to the event either by paying or volunteering.

Food Magicians – Help prepare and serve delicious vegan meals and clean kitchen and dinning areas. To serve in preparing and serving food email our biodynamic chef –  Christopher (Major WyldHeart) – and let him know more about you and how you can help at thegoldenroad1@gmail.com.

We are also open to new roles that you may suggest for making the LovEvolution Gathering successful.