June 23, 2024

2018 LovEvolution Gathering (May 17-21) at Kinnection CampOut


This year we’ll be having our 5th annual LovEvolution Gathering at this year’s awesome four day Kinnection Campout north of Asheville, NC.

We’ll be hosting a Camp LovEvolution with amazing heart and mind opening workshops, the LovEvolution Tea Lounge and music and conversation around the fire pit.

To view the workshops we’ll be hosting visit http://www.kinnectioncampout.org/camp-lovevolution

To learn more about the LovEvolution and previous gatherings we’ve hosted visit LovEvolutionSolution.org

This years’ Kinnection Campout will offer over 100 workshops, 80 plus musical acts and hundreds of amazing people coming together to connect with each other and the beautiful land. For details see https://www.facebook.com/events/1510176412410412

For complete info and tickets visit http://www.kinnectioncampout.org/

While we originally intended to host our 5th Annual LovEvolution Gathering at our new Sacred Mountain Waters property in Marshall, the land is not yet ready to host a large scale event. So bringing Camp LovEvolution to the much loved and respected KInnection CampOut Festival is a beautiful fit.

We look forward to hosting events and gatherings at Sacred Mountain Waters – the home of the LovEvolution – in the years to come.

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