July 17, 2024

Creating Your LovEvolutionary Name!

Choose a name that is near to your heart.

When you say your name does it sound like who you really are? Or is it merely a name you inherited and use by default?

My legal name is Patrick James Hennessey. My chosen LovEvolutionary name is “Kernel Love Joy”. That’s “Kernel” as in the kernel that I can grow and evolve into doing all with love and joy. That means “all” including taxes and dealing with “challenging” people and situations.

For me, a long time master practitioner of worry, cynicism and sarcastic remarks, Kernel Love Joy is a big name to live up to.

Now when I introduce myself as “Kernel Love Joy” I feel publicly accountable for walking my talk. And when people say my name, often with a smile, it reminds me to be “Kernel Love Joy”. It makes me smile to hear it too.

So how about you? Who do you really want to be in your heart during this evolutionary year of 2012? What name will say who you really are or who you are evolving into? Might it have “love” in it?

I look forward to calling you by the name that makes your heart sing and that reminds you of the beauty you have inside to share.

Be Well and Love Well, Kernel Love Joy 🙂

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