June 23, 2024

LovEvolution – A Poem

One night Bonnie Levinson, a long time member of the Magic Love Bus tribe, awoke with a powerful download of inspiration. The spirit of the LovEvolution poured through her in words that she crafted into the below poem. Her inspired poem resonated powerfully with the crew of the Magic Love Bus and we invited her to read her poem at the Blast Off Party for the 2012 Magic Love Bus Journey. We share this beautiful poem and its inspiration with you now.


LovEvolution is a coevolution revolution

A sustainable solution

LovEvolution is when the power of love

Replaces the love of power

LovEvolution is the solution

LovEvolution is social justice

Its environmental justice

Its environmental sanity

Its environmental harmony

It’s mindfulness of our four-legged and winged

 brothers and sisters

who we share this planet with

Mindfulness of the next seven generations

LovEvolution is a coevolution solution

To bring a halt to pollution

To halt unsustainable resolutions

LovEvolution is a compassionate revolution

When capitalism and greed

is replaced by social and economic justice

When healthcare, a good education, housing and nutritious food

Is a right – not a privilege

LovEvolution is the coevolution solution

Where the needs of the many

Outweigh the desires of the few

LovEvolution is when military madness

Is replaced by peaceful solutions

LovEvolution is the evolution of consciousness

by a critical mass

When the power of love

Replaces the love of power

For the continuation of a peaceful life

On this sacred planet.


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