May 26, 2024

Miracle of Love

Can the miracle of love transform a room full of strangers into intimate loving friends in only one weekend? Yes, it can. I know this after participating  in the Human Awareness Institute’s (HAI) workshop “Love is a miracle“.

Love is a miracle. Love can transform people’s hearts and minds and heal old wounds that years of clinical psychoanalysis can barely diagnose. But love requires us to be open to giving and receiving it. If we hide behind our walls because we fear rejection, shame or vulnerability love will not pass through.

I’ve come to realize that I’ve spent many years hiding behind the protective walls that I built. But recently my walls have begun to crack and fall down. In venturing out beyond my crumbling walls I’ve discovered that love is abundant when we are open to making and receiving it. There is no shortage of love when we create and share it. It is a truly abundant and renewable resource when we let it flow.

During the HAI “Love is a Miracle” workshop many walls cracked and crumbled. Love, forgiveness, compassion and empathy flooded the room like water let free from a breaking dam. Its powerful currents washed away the residue of old hurt, dissolved blocks, and smoothed away our sharp edges.

Love is a miracle. It’s priceless and far more valuable than any material gift. What we all gave and received in the “Room of Love” that weekend was the ultimate present – to be present for each other. We were the ultimate gift.

In the “Room of Love” there were no clocks and no rushing past each other to complete the next task. The frantic treadmill of modern life was checked some where outside the door. We were fully present for each other. Listening intently and sharing compassionately. Wow, to really listen and be heard. What a moving gift the miracle of love truly is.

Forty strangers entered the room of love on Friday night and by Sunday night we were transformed into heart felt friends. It began with sharing our heart and soul with one other person, then with a small group and ultimately with the entire room.

Like ripples moving outward, the love and intimacy we shared became more expansive. Could such love and empathy ripple out and envelope the whole world?

When will the “Room of Love” become the world of love? When will we slow down, stop and take the time to look into each other’s eyes and see that we are one? When will we stop judging and start loving? When is the time to “Be Love”? Could it be right now?

Yes, Love is a miracle.

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