May 26, 2024

Love is the Answer

The LovEvolution

Essentially, we as a whole long for a reconnection to ourselves, to each other and to our finite living planet.

This global Corpocrasy has inflicted its losses onto the population and has exploited the Earth’s resources and Her peoples and animals. The extent of this misuse is such that it has awakened us from our apathetic compliance.

We are declaring the sacred, that which cannot be corporately owned or manipulated: the Spirit of a human, the waters of the world which are the very lifeblood of the Earth herself, the air we breathe, the light of the sun and the multitude of creatures that roam the oceans, forests, and lands of our planet.

One of our roles in this reality is that of consumer. We can either be complicit in the inhumane practices of the Mega-Corps or we can make a more loving choice which reflects the sanctity of all life. We can each make a difference by choosing products which are manufactured considering their effects on the environment, on human conditions and on the conditions of any animals involved.

Our best tool is to BE INFORMED! The sanctity of life means EACH of our lives, ALL LIFE. This single, contiguous environment of the Earth sustains us all or not. Its up to us and how we treat it.

When we are apathetic and complicit to the exploitation of the Earth, we in turn are unable to learn self respect or respect of our neighbors. Exploitation of another human or animal somehow seems ok because “everybody’s doing it”. That choice is one that enables us to become part of the cycle of Corporate Growth.

We can however remove ourselves from this equation. If we can respect the Earth, we learn to respect ourselves and in turn to respect each other and enter into more loving connections with all our relations.

So out of respect for ourselves, each other and the Earth, we awaken and send the message to the Mega-Corps…


About Love Weaver

Healer, Lover and Weaver of Webs of connection and love. Founding crew member of the 2012 Magic Love Bus Journey.

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