April 20, 2024

About Love Weaver

Healer, Lover and Weaver of Webs of connection and love. Founding crew member of the 2012 Magic Love Bus Journey.


As we #Occupy our country, we awaken to the opportunities to look into our brothers’ and sisters’ eyes. We see the signs each carries and enter into discussions and discover new ideas together. We are simultaneously world-wide growing our collective awareness. Through hours of daily people’s General Assemblies world-wide now, we are deeply listening to […]

Love is the Answer

Essentially, we as a whole long for a reconnection to ourselves, to each other and to our finite living planet. This global Corpocrasy has inflicted its losses onto the population and has exploited the Earth’s resources and Her peoples and animals. The extent of this misuse is such that it has awakened us from our […]