July 17, 2024


Occupy Your Heart

As we #Occupy our country, we awaken to the opportunities to look into our brothers’ and sisters’ eyes. We see the signs each carries and enter into discussions and discover new ideas together. We are simultaneously world-wide growing our collective awareness.

Through hours of daily people’s General Assemblies world-wide now, we are deeply listening to each others’ pains, hardships, hopes, triumphs, struggles and facilitations. Perhaps through this process, we are actually growing our Universal Consciousness as the veils are lifted that once obscured our ability to see the beauty of one another.

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A song runs through my mind:

“Our hand remember how to spin,
We spin freedom on the rising wind.
We spinthreads of life
We spin cords of fate
we spin love into a river
that overcomes hate.
If you wanna know where true power lies
Turn and look into each others eyes”

About Love Weaver

Healer, Lover and Weaver of Webs of connection and love. Founding crew member of the 2012 Magic Love Bus Journey.

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