June 23, 2024

Choose Love or Fear?

  Just as light chases away darkness, love and fear can not coexist. Which do you choose? View the below music video by Shawn Gallaway about choosing love over fear.  

Cast off Ceremony for the 2012 Magic Love Bus Journey

The Magic Love Bus and crew are casting off from San Francisco on a three month cross country journey to spread love and light. Come join us on the bus and on the beach for a fire drum circle, dancing and ceremony. Bring healthy organic food, musical instruments and your best magical intentions. Date: Saturday, […]

LovEvolution – A Poem

One night Bonnie Levinson, a long time member of the Magic Love Bus tribe, awoke with a powerful download of inspiration. The spirit of the LovEvolution poured through her in words that she crafted into the below poem. Her inspired poem resonated powerfully with the crew of the Magic Love Bus and we invited her […]

Blast Off Party for the 2012 Magic Love Bus Journey and the LovEvoluton!

After months of preparation, the Magic Love Bus has been transformed into a rolling sound and light show. The bus is now a vehicle for heart based transformation and a platform for free expression. To raise energy and support for the 2012 Magic Love Bus Journey and the LovEvolution we hosted a “Blast Off Party” […]

The Apocalypse at Long Last!

As some are coming to realize, the word “apocalypse” comes from the Greek word “apokálypsis” which means the “lifting of the veil” – “to reveal what has been hidden from the majority of mankind in an era dominated by falsehood and misconception”. Hidden falsehood and misconception – does that sound familiar to you too? Could […]

Miracle of Love

Can the miracle of love transform a room full of strangers into intimate loving friends in only one weekend? Yes, it can. I know this after participating  in the Human Awareness Institute’s (HAI) workshop “Love is a miracle“. Love is a miracle. Love can transform people’s hearts and minds and heal old wounds that years […]

Creating Your LovEvolutionary Name!

When you say your name does it sound like who you really are? Or is it merely a name you inherited and use by default? My legal name is Patrick James Hennessey. My chosen LovEvolutionary name is “Kernel Love Joy”. That’s “Kernel” as in the kernel that I can grow and evolve into doing all […]

Join The LovEvolution

Our current society is the sum total of all our dreams, nightmares and choices. What kind of world do you want to co-create? The Lovevolution is a global movement committed to awakening the creative dreamer and lover within all of us. We are all agents in the creative unfolding of the Universe. We are all […]